About the Project

The Bangor Cemetery Project began, as all things do, with a small idea – as a commemorative project to clean up the war graves in the cemetery. Just one of many such projects in operation in other cemeteries which grew out of the centenary of the Great war and now seek to commemorate those who died in the two great wars of 1914-1919 and 1939-1945.

There are 58 Commonwealth War Graves recorded in Bangor cemetery and the project expanded to include the many more memorials which remember family members who died overseas.

You can moe at the project Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bangorcemeteryproject

However, it was found that searching for specific information when on Facebook was extremely confusing or difficult. So this Blog was set up the mirror the Facebook page but which is more user friendly.

It is also my intention to widen the scope of the posts on the blog to include those who also served and survived the wars and other significant or interesting interments.

If you would like to help with tiding up the graves, or have any relevant information on any of the men and women, please contact me at eddiesextracts [at] gmail.com

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