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Ship's Cook, S.S. Wileysike
Died: 09/05/1918
Age: 38

Interred Bangor Cemetery

Born in Bangor, son of Hugh and Jane Maginnis.

Photo of ss Wileysike (from Clive Ketley on
The ss Wileysike (Reg No: 95248) was an lightly-armed British cargo ship. On the 9th May 1918, while en route from Glasgow to France with a cargo of coal, she was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U54 when 8 miles SW of St Ann’s Head, Wales. She went down with the loss of 4 lives: Hugh, David Davies (Wales), George Pettinger (Yorkshire) and Rafael Diaz (Mexico).
    She was built in 1888 by the Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Company and, when sunk, was owned by the Wileysike Steamship Co Ltd (WS Miller & Co) of Glasgow.

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