Wednesday, 15 March 2017

CAMPBELL, Ian Gordon

Flight Sergeant, 619 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Service No: 1489683
Died: 24/03/1944

Interred in Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery
This family headstone is in Bangor Cemetery

Ian is commemorated
on the memorial in Trinity
Presbyterian Church, Bangor
John (Ian) Gordon Campbell was born in Bangor on the 7th September 1913. He was the second son of Samuel Campbell and Jane M. Campbell (nee Armstrong). His father was a draper and the family lived on Main Street in Bangor.

He attended Bangor Grammar school along with his brother William. His headmaster Mr. Maurice Wilkins in writing an obituary for Ian records that "I well remember the morning in November, 1923, when his mother brought him, a small boy of ten years, with his elder brother Billy, to join Bangor Grammar School. Billy, quickly catching sight of faces of friends he knew, pushed in through the open door, eager for new experiences, but the little fair-haired brother was shy, ran back, and would not leave his mother's side. A bargain had to be made that he should have his freedom for the day and come to-morrow. So to-morrow he came and from that day never looked back till he fell fighting in the cause of justice and the freedom of mankind. He was a bright and apt pupil, and in 1929 he passed Northern Ireland Junior Certificate with three credits. After that, to our regret, he left us."

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